Click the code to copy, then add it to your post on Hive.

Copied succesfully!

Click on the map on the location of your post for the code to be generated.

What is Hive?

Hive is a fork of the Steem blockchain launched on 20th March 2020. It is a decentralised ecosystem, a social blockchain, developed by the community that consists of devs, business owners and passionate end users. If you previously had an account on Steem, you can login with the same account using the same keys.

Pinmapple (formerly known as the Steemitworlmap) is one of the dapps on the Hive blockchain for the travel community.

Peakd and Hive Blog are platforms you can use to post to Hive.

How can I add my post to the map?

Click on get code on Pinmapple

Zoom the map or search for the location of your post in the search box. Click the location when you find it!

Add an optional short description for your location. To copy the generated code to your clipboard, click on it. It looks like
[//]:# (!pinmapple xx.xxxxx lat yyy.yyyyy long d3scr)

Paste it in your post on the Hive blockchain. It will be pinned to the map and curated by our team!

Peakd and Hive Blog are platforms you can use to post to Hive.

How to filter the map?

Pinmapple consists of over 50 000 pins contributed by our users. The default view shows the best travel pins only. There's over 10 000 of them, and growing everyday

Under filter the map you can search for pins from a particular author if you know their Hive username. Or you can filter by tags used in a posts eg travel, hotel, buildings, backpacking, New York... To top it off you can also filter the pins added by date.

What is the daily travel digest?

Everyday the Pinmapple team curates the best travel posts and issues a Travel Digest to showcase the authors' work. This helps authors to gain more exposure and recognition. We also upvote the authors on the Hive blockchain so they are rewarded for their high quality articles! 🥳

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